Maha Ji Yoga Meditation

Live on Zoom

You are all very welcome to the free Maha Ji Yoga Meditation Live on Zoom. Many people worldwide have found this meditation life-changing. It supports and raises our vibration. This way we find our connection to our Super Consciousness. It powerfully transforms us, bringing love, light and healing into all aspects of our life.

  • Every 2nd Tuesday at 7.30pm GMT + 1 from the comfort of our own homes.
  • We begin with devotional chanting, followed by an introduction to meditation and our theme for the evening.
  • Introducing the Pranayama breathing technique which supports and prepares us for meditation.
  • After the meditation, various speakers are invited to speak about their experiences, followed by chanting devotional Bhajans.

Benefits of Practising Maha Ji Yoga Meditation

  • Reduces physical pain and promotes healing
  • Increases energy levels and reduces stress
  • Offers greater clarity and concentration levels
  • Promotes emotional wellbeing
  • Enhances self-awarenessMeditation can bring about true personal transformation

What to Bring

Meditation Cushion and water bottle. Chairs will be available.

Everybody is welcome:

If you have friends or family members who may be interested, please bring them along or share the information with them. They may be grateful to you for the gift you are giving them through this.


Every 2nd Tuesday


7.30 – 8.30pm


Avila Centre, Bloomfield Avenue. Donnybrook, Dublin 4


Dr. Francis – 085 702-6131 or Michael – 087 756-9716

Donation at the door

Pre-registration not required for in person attendance.


Follow the steps below to join live Zoom meditation every 2nd Tuesday at 7.30pm GMT + 1.

Download the Zoom for free at and follow the instructions to set up an account.

Although access to our meditations is free, we rely on the generosity of our guests to enable us to keep this site and services in operation.

To this end we would ask, if you are in a position to, to please donate whatever amount to can.

Recommended Donation: €10

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